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What habits you need to adopt to become an effective preacher

Do you want to be one of those preachers which amaze all of us with their incredible effectivity in properly communicating the Word of God to people? Here are several key habits which most of these effective preachers have in order to help people understand that God does change lives and saves people:

  1. Their preaching is their top priority. Even though pastors have a busy schedule and need to be on call 24/4, effective preachers never put preaching or preparing for it behind. They actually put restless hours in proper preparation for being able to communicate powerfully and effectively in their ministries.
  2. The sermons are vital for their prayer lives. The most effective preachers always plead with God to help them prepare and deliver their sermons effectively and communicate them properly to reach to more people.
  3. They have established specific routines for the preparation of their sermons. Effective preachers spend hours and hours every week to prepare their sermons properly. They stick to their schedule even when emergencies happen.
  4. Good preachers always seek feedback and input on their sermons and the messages they are preaching. Whether it is their wives, other church members or mentors, the most effective preachers have the habit of rehearsing their sermons ahead of preaching and asking for feedback and evaluation. It is common practice in modern times that preachers record their own sermons and re-watch them after a few days in order to make assessments and to find ways to improve or correct themselves.
  5. Effective pastors are consistent when it comes to the length of their sermons. They choose specific length ranging from 25-45 minutes and they do everything possible to stick to this timeline. It is essential that a pastor is consistent when it comes to the length of the sermon because the congregations tend to adapt to a specific length of preaching and can get frustrated if there are inconsistencies in the timing.
  6. The best pastors put all of their efforts into one message per week. This is due to the fact that most of them find that they need a week to prepare a sermon effectively, otherwise if rushed it would be poorly prepared and not as effective at all.
  7. Pastors are constantly seeking ways for improving their own communication skills. This is done not only through input and feedback from the congregation or from mentors but by reading books on communications and listening to other successful and effective preachers and communicators. Plus, they keep in close and regular touch with the community in order to ensure that the messages are relevant as well as biblical.

Although these habits may sound like common sense to many preachers, they are essential if you want to become an effective preacher and to be able to properly communicate the Word of God to all members of your congregation. It does take time and learning, but by adopting these habits will really help you reach out to more people and be understood better by them as well.

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